All short-duration courses conducted in house and also Virtual Training under COVID-19 Conditions

Examples of some of the programmes:
Module No. Course Title
1 How to avoid contact with moving machinery
2 How to avoid being struck by moving vehicles
3 How to avoid being struck by moving-falling objects
4 Avoid work-related ill health: all illness in the Waste Sector
5 How to avoid fatal workplace injuries in the Waste Sector
6 How to avoid non-fatal workplace injuries in the Waste Sector
7 Health and Safety Leadership in Waste Management
8 An Executive Overview of Health and Safety in the Waste Resource Sector
9 Training for Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers
10 Safe Transport in the Waste Management and Recycling Industry
11 Managing Health and Safety in Civic Amenity Sites (Local Authorities)
12 Safe Waste and Recycling Collection Services
13 General Health and Safety Awareness in the Waste Industry Resource Sector
14 Waste and Recycling Vehicles in Street Collection
15 Working on the Public Highway (Street Cleaning)
16 Reducing Fire Risk at Waste Management Sites
17 Health and Hazardous Substances in Waste and Recycling
18 Managing Access to Large Waste and Recycling Bins
19 Handling Offensive/Hygiene Waste Safely
20 Localised Health and Safety Training in Waste Management and Recycling
21 Hand Sorting of Recyclables ('totting') with Vehicle Assistance
22 Designing and Operating Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs) Safely
23 Safety at Sites in the Waste Management and Recycling Industry
24 The Safe Recovery of Petrol from End-of-Life Vehicles
25 Skip and Container Safety in Waste Management & Recycling
26 The Safe Use of Refuse Collection Vehicle Hoists and Bins
27 Orphaned Compressed Gas Cylinders in Waste and Recycling Industries
28 The Economics of Change in the Resource and Waste Sector
29 (New) Drugs and Alcohol
30 (New) Violence and Aggression at Waste Sites
31 (New) Construction Waste
32 (New) An integrated approach, leading, communicating and working together
33 (New) Driving innovation keeping pace with change
34 (New) Managing risk creating and maintaining healthier and safer workplaces
35 (New) Supporting SMEs and micro business
36 (New) Building skills and competence
37 (New) Dealing with Homeless People (Waste Containers)
38 (New) Bespoke Programmes to your needs (Transitional Training) Post COVID-19
39 (New) Healthcare Waste (Introduction)
40 (New) Fire Safety on Waste Sites

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